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Thank you to Rhenna Morgan who brought this to my attention via another author, Lauren Smith.

Apparently, your reviews might be "hidden" on Amazon if you don't have certain settings unchecked in your Amazon account.

Who knew!?

Not me!

But here is the story (some cut and pasted from what Rhenna posted in the FB group I am a member of)

Amazon has a setting that could hide your reviews unless you make this account adjustment.

Amazon has a function to hide your reviews on what they deem "sensitive products," which translates to pretty much anything in the Romance section of the Kindle store, and especially stuff in the Erotica section. Even if a book is NOT erotic, it might get automatically added to the "sensitive product" list just because it has a romantic element to it etc.

Here's how to see if your reviews are being hidden: - Log into Amazon - Go to Your Account - Scroll down to Personalization - Click on Your Public Profile - At the bottom of the page (before your list of reviews) will be a light gray box that talks about sensitivity settings and displays a privacy settings link for your convenience. - Click the "Privacy Settings" link - Scroll down to the bottom of the page - UNCLICK "Hide Sensitive Activity" - Save

Now all your reviews should be visible to everyone as they were intended.

Spread the word to others, who might be affected. THANKS!!!

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