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Wonderful Review From The Novel Approach!

Lisa Horan from The Novel Approach just put up a fantastic review of NAPOLEON today. Thank you Lisa!

Excerpts include:

J.C. Mells builds up the chemistry and tension between Nap and his enemy-cum-everything, Six, from the moment they meet, and doesn’t let up on the angst until the very end of the book. I loved the conversational tone of the writing, which only more firmly endears Napoleon to the reader. Rather than the author telling the story, Nap is one-hundred percent present as the narrator, as if he’s chatting with you about his life and how he got where he is, one monumental occasion at a time, and it worked perfectly.

This book was the story of how Napoleon lands the prince in his very own fairy tale, and even though Sixten makes Nap work for it, what would a fairy tale be without the hero having to overcome a few obstacles before he begins his happily ever after? And, for that matter, what would a fairy tale be if the beast wasn’t transformed by true love?

To read the full review - and to check out what other M/M Romances Lisa recommends or has reviewed, click here!

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