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Moonrise Blog Anniversary and Giveaway!

The lovely Stephanie over at Moonrise Book Blog has invited me to take part in the blog's big giveaway to celebrate its one year anniversary. Some lucky winner will receive Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Pierced Series – and that’s just one of MANY super prizes! Thanks Stephanie!

Moonrise Book Blog has been a long-time reviewer and supporter of the Pierced Series and I LOVE them for it!

In addition to the ebooks and other goodies Moonrise will be giving away, the celebration also features a series of character interviews from a whole selection of wonderful authors - and I've been invited to participate in that too!

You can also access it from my Facebook Page - just click on "Giveaway" at the top of the page.

Stephanie forwarded me some questions and the character being interviewed today is none other than Napoleon Charming-Balak, a much-loved character in the Pierced Series - who has his own stand-alone story now, NAPOLEON (a novella and Book 5).

Napoleon Charming is almost 17 when we first meet him in Pierced. As a gay teen - the only gay person in a very small town in the Nevada desert - life hasn't been super easy. But then again, it hasn't been all bad either. At least his Pack Leader and Uncle, Lucas, has never had any problem wearing the gay-themed T-shirts Nap supplies him with to show his support for his ward's sexual preference.

Napoleon is a natural born story-teller and loves to be in the spotlight. Although he makes notable appearances in all the books in the Pierced Series, it's not until NAPOLEON, the novella and Book 5, that he gets his own story.

Here are some of his answers to the questions posed to him by Stephanie at Moonrise Book Blog.

1. What is your most notable characteristic?

You might think it would be the fact that I'm a werewolf, or maybe my dashing good looks, rapier-like wit and unparalleled intelligence. But no, you'd be wrong. It's my humility :) (wink, wink)

2. What personal achievement are you most proud of?

Gosh, I have so many! The fact I can get my moody, broody, surly, bad-tempered and extremely manly uncle to wear T-shirts with rainbows on them is pretty up there on the list. I got accepted into NYU to study creative writing and drama - woot! I'm also quite proud of the small role I played in getting Lucas to pull his head out of his ass and make a move on his true-mate, Pierce.

3. What traits do you find important in a friend?

My best friend is a computer genius named Moused. He didn't even bat an eye over the whole, "your bestie is a werewolf thing, surprise!" He's just cool like that. If ever I need him, I know he's got my back - if I can pry him away from his MMORPG, that is. Well, you didn't think "Moused" was his real name, did you?

4. What is your greatest indulgence?

That's easy. Bacon. I don't think of bacon as an indulgence really. It's more of a major necessity in life, don't you agree?

5. Tell us a secret about you that no one else knows.

I'm pretty much an open book. I don't have any secrets.

Well...unless you count the fact that I have a serious crush on a disgustingly straight boy. Sixten Dahl. Drop-dead gorgeous and Swedish. What is it about guys with cute little European accents? He tormented me all summer long and I'm heading to New York to get away from him and his evil, dick-teasing ways.

But shhhh...don't tell anyone...

Thanks for reading this interview with Napoleon Charming-Balak. You can read more about him in NAPOLEON, and just to wet your appetite a tad, here's a short excerpt:

Sixten Dahl rose out of the water slowly. So slowly that I almost forgot how to breathe. He began to walk towards us, lifting both arms, his biceps rippling with the effort, to run his hands through his hair and push it back from his face. He shook his head a couple of times before he turned to the right to shout something to his friends behind him, giving us the awe-inspiring view of his profile. Angular nose, beautifully defined cheekbones, an earlobe just begging to be nibbled at, luscious, soft-looking lips. Beads of water dripped down from his sun-drenched hair, gently caressing his neck before finding a path between the muscles, dips and crevices of his incredibly chiseled chest and abdomen areas. Oh. My. God. My eyes couldn’t help but follow the rivulets as they made their way to the waist band of his bathing trunks and beyond. While Moused and I had secretly mocked our Swedish visitors for their European fashion sense – namely the fact their swimming shorts were a good six inches shorter than our knee-length ones – I certainly wasn’t laughing now. Oh yeah, bring on the short shorts baby. Come to papa… “Knock it off, dude!” Moused hissed in my ear as he punched me in the arm. “You’re embarrassing yourself, man.” “Please tell me my mouth wasn’t hanging open,” I answered in a small voice as Sixten turned around completely to face his friends, Viggo and Theo, who were still horsing around in the lake. Of course, now I had the perfect view of the wet shorts hugging his ass… “Not only that, Nap, there was definitely drooling going on too,” Mizuki laughed from her towel on my other side. I gave her the signature Balak family glare. “What’s so funny?” Sixten asked as he joined us and plonked himself down on the towel next to Moused. “Nothing,” Moused, Mizuki and I all said in unison. If I could summarize how my summer had gone in a few short words – the above has it covered. My name is Napoleon Charming-Balak, and I have a serious crush on a straight boy.

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