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Reyes Alfonso

Originally posted February 12th, 2014 on my old website.

So I'm trying to stay away from my copy of PERFECT while it's at the Editor's, as I can already think of some small tweaks I want to make... So instead I took a break and started watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on Netflix. I've never seen it before, as I *thought* I'd grown too old for CW shows a long time ago (Since Buffy if truth be told). OMG I am completely HOOKED, lol. I love the way Ian Somerhalder keeps rolling his eyes like he's all coked up; like he's channeling Bette Davis on a good day with extra ham on top. And if any of you have ever read any of my diatribes on REVENGE, then you KNOW I'm completely fixated on how many damn events and parties happen in one small town. I mean in Mystic Falls there is a carnival, a dance, a founder's ball, a charity event, a cocktail party etc. in EVERY SINGLE (no exaggeration) EPISODE!! But anyway, all the vampire stuff reminded me of Reyes - so here is MY version of Reyes - who has just been a voice on a telephone in every book until now. We meet him in person in PERFECT :)

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