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PLEASE vote for your favorite and get entered for a chance to WIN a copy of my next book!

As I write my next book – a steamy Contemporary Romance – I’ve been fiddling with a few cover potentials. But I need some help! Check out the poll at the bottom of this post (and pasted to top of main BLOG page on this website) and please VOTE for the one that makes you all warm and tingly inside . The type may be changed and it’s primarily the image that you’re voting for. THANKS!

A little about the main characters in the book to help with your voting: Cali is twenty and dealing with issues relating to bulimia, and the drug and alcohol abuse that stems from it. Thatch is 22 and a hot, new, up-and-coming artist in the tattoo world. He’s also in training for American Ninja Warrior (still waiting the hear back as to whether I can officially use the show or have to call it something else!). Thatch became a father at 17 and has a five-year-old son called Thaddeus that he completely worships. With Thatch’s own father a recovering alcoholic and his mother dead as a result of her drug-addiction, is it any wonder his head is telling him to stay as far away from Cali as he possibly can?

Want to be entered into a drawing to win a free eBook copy of the book when it's released? Head over to the relevant post on my Facebook page called ****GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE MY NEW WEBSITE****

Comment on the thread to say you voted, and your name wil be entered into the hat! Yay!

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