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Homeland Season 3 Finale - some thoughts...

This was originally posted on my old website on December 15th, 2013.

If you have not seen the season finale of Homeland - do not read on! SPOILER ALERT!

I just wanted to jot down some rambling thoughts concerning last week's conclusion.

First off, it was a surprisingly subtle death scene for Damian Lewis. I was fully expecting him to give Claire Danes another run for her money in the let's-see-who-can-chew-up-the-most-scenery sweepstakes. All I can say is, I hope Brody really IS dead...I mean we did see him hanging and go limp...but the soap opera writer in me can already come up with a few ideas as to how to fake that whole spectacle.

Though it was a little surprising that Carrie wasn't stoned to death - or worse - as she climbed the fence in front of the frenzied spectators who were violently cheering for Brody's immediate and speedy execution. But then again, she was also able to run about Tehran in a disguise (and I do use the term loosely) that consisted of a head scarf and dyed brown hair. Yep, she didn't stand out at all...especially when she was looking all frantic Carrie.

I was also so surprised it was such a difficult task to take out Akbari, considering Carrie, the only white girl in Iran, was able to park within meters of his "heavily guarded" house without being detected...AND how many shots did we get of that UNGUARDED red side door to his compound...?

Here is Carrie subtly observing Akbari's compound from the car parked 100 meters (less than a block) away.

Another thing worth noting is the completely ludicrous notion that Lockhart is giving the extremely pregnant woman, who is borderline schizo and disobeyed at least five direct orders in just the Brody mission alone - a promotion and her own station to run in Istanbul. Really? I mean....Really?

Ah least here's hoping with Brody dead we should see a lot less of his annoying daughter next season...

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