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Amazon adjusting how they list books in a series

Originally posted April 28th, 2014.

As of today, Amazon is re-vamping how they catalog books in a series. They have a specific way they want the books to be listed and I have had to go and change the four books I have out in the Pierced Series so far. They no longer allow the .5s - so I've had to list ESCAPED as Book 2, which of course changes PINKED to Book 3 and PERFECT to Book 4. This is not a major change, by any means - and might even alleviate some confusion when people are looking to read books in order and not skip the novellas etc.

So in a nutshell, the PIERCED SERIES is now listed as: Book 1 - PIERCED Book 2 - ESCAPED (novella) Book 3 - PINKED Book 4 - PERFECT Book 5 - NAPOLEON (novella coming soon!)

Happy reading everyone :)

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