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How to get a FREE Kindle copy of an e-book direct from J. C. Mells


I offer ESCAPED (Book 2 of the Pierced Series) for FREE with a link to your review of PIERCED (Book 1).  I occaisionally have specials where I give away a free copy of one of my books. For Kindle/mobi users, here is the best, easiest and safest way for me to get an e-book from my computer to your device.


Using the CONTACT ME form on this website,  send me an email stating which book you want (if you won a special giveaway), or a link to your review of PIERCED for your free copy of ESCAPED (Book 2). In the message field, give me your Kindle email address. Please put your regular email address in the email field.


Every Kindle device has it's own email address, and here is how you can find it if you don't know yours:

















































Under "SETTINGS" you will find your Kindle's email address AND, a little further down, you'll find the "APPROVED PERSONAL DOCUMENT E-MAIL LIST." Only email addresses listed in this list can send books directly to your Kindle. So add mine,, to that list, so I can send a mobi file of the book directly to your Kindle. Once the book is added to your device, you can go back and remove my email address from your approved list if you want. Adding me to the list temporarily does nothing other than allow me to send you a FREE book directly to your Kindle device.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book(s)!






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