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This Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance features a heavily pierced, cooking-obsessed, slightly disfigured, opioid-addicted heroine of South Asian descent, with more than a few social anxiety disorders.

But that's only the beginning…

Having recently escaped from a vampire compound where the human that ran it was keeping her captive for almost ten years, Pierce is learning to live life (even if it's on the run), take responsibility for the ten-year-old girl who escaped with her, as well as deal with the constant chatter from the two 1945 film characters living in her head and guiding her at every turn.

This action-packed, character-driven book is meant to create a solid foundation for more exciting things to come in future installments!



This novella should not be skipped, as it features pivotal information that will come up in the next book!

Oscar Alvarez de Sevilla was living the American dream. Attending a prestigious law school in New York City and madly in love with the girl downstairs, who he was pretty much going to marry as soon as he graduated. Everything was going as planned and life was good.

Twelve years later he is the centerpiece in a daring plan to help two young girls escape from the ruthless psychopath who has had them locked up for most of their lives. The same man for whom Oscar has been working for several years now.

His actions will guarantee he will be dead in less than a year, regardless of whether or not he and the girls are recaptured.

How did things go so wrong?



Continues on from where PIERCED left off.

Negotiating the relentless pull of the mate bond is tough.

Especially when one is still traumatized by memories of childhood sexual abuse and the other point blank refuses to acknowledge (out loud at least) that there is a mate bond at all.

While Pierce tries to deal with the aftereffects of her new and "unpierced" self, Lucas relives the week leading up to that fateful night when he was forced into doing the one thing he vowed he never would - inflict his disease on another human being.

As if he didn't hate himself enough already.

As she attempts to come to terms with the new her - the Pierce that is stronger, faster and less reliant on her former "dependencies" - she begins to settle into an unfamiliar, yet longed for, "normal" life with her newfound circle of family and friends. Pierce is finally able to do what her maker never could - embrace, accept and thrive from what she has become.

With Pierce's not-so-subtle help, Lucas comes face to face with the fact that maybe it's time for him to start coming to terms with this "affliction" too.

But it's not going to be easy.

Especially when they come into contact with another pack for the first time.



As I sit down to write this review I find myself still in a book coma.My brain can't seem to move forward. HOLY SNICKER-DOODLES what a book! I am completely blown away by Pierced.

Jeep Diva


I highly recommend this for any UF fan, but there are some really dark parts to this book.  I will definitely grab any and all future books in this series! "  and "5/5  Awesome Awesome Awesome book! 

Almost Faemous

A GREAT first novel in what I can only presume to be an equally-great series!
The characters (even the heroine's imaginary ones) are fascinating, enthralling, decidedly-warped and so wonderfully well-developed!
Pierce is such a fantastically quirky character; so chock full of "issues", and yet so intrinsically sympathetic and likable. Add into the mix werewolves, vampires, sorcerers and hugely evil villains... and you have a well-blended mix that makes you positively beg for second-helpings!
Kudos to Mells!! More, please?
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